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MUNIranians is an independent, cultural and social student club at Memorial University of Newfoundland which continues voluntarily since 2010. The mission of MUNIranians is to maintain and proclaim the Iranian culture within and outside of the university boundaries. In doing so, it promotes a proper channel for communication within the Iranian population, proposes academic assistance to its members. Moreover, MUNIranians is proud to organize social activities to develop an understanding of Iranian society to unify and support the Iranian community within its reach.

راهنمای ورودی‌های جدید

Guide for Newcomers (Persian)

مطالعه راهنمای ورودی‌های جدید



Yalda Night 2018


Game Night & Potluck Nov. 2018

Event has ended

Nowruz 2018

Event has ended

Yalda Night 2017

Event has ended

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Helping MUNIranians can be really fun!

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I joined MUNIranians not too long ago. Durning my membership, I was able to reunite with Persian culture and find great friends. They accommodate professional and favorable Persian events that I think is beyond the capacity of a volunteer-based student society. I am appreciative of the contributors' endeavors, and I hope they always keep up the excellent work.

Scientific Computing Student at MUN

Doing Ph.D. in Memorial University was a great opportunity for me to flourish both in scientific research as well as other aspects of my life. Although being in a new environment far from my home country put me under a lot of pressure, having such a congenial atmosphere with lots of helping and Iranian friends ease every tension for me!

Ph.D. Candidate Civil Engineering

As a Graduate Researcher in Mechanical Engineering Programs, I have found The engineering faculty logically big, so you'll find a variety of people, and it is perfect regarding the overall education. Central Campus is lovely on the outside, but it still has a way to go to improve campus life for international students.

Ph.D. Student Mechanical Engineering
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